The Importance of Taking Pictures

Happy World Photography Day! This is like a birthday, Christmas, and New Year's Eve all at once for us, because for 24h the whole day is celebrating what we're all so passionate about: photography! To join the celebrations, besides our month-long Value The Creators campaign, we thought we'd reflect on why we love photography, and... Continue Reading →

Do you Value The Creators? We do.

August 19th is when the entire planet celebrates World Photography Day every year. It's a day to celebrate well-known pictures, famous photographers, and the beauty of photography itself. But here at findr, we value the photographers above everything else. Without them, we'd be absolutely nothing and the world wouldn't be the same. So this year... Continue Reading →

Nature Photography Day!

Happy Nature Photography Day! Here, at findr, we love everything related to nature. Whether it be a cheeky Sunday walk in the Scottish Highlands, a road trip through the Canadian Rockies, or a hike from one end of the country to the other, we've got all the experiences covered. And it seems like our photographers... Continue Reading →

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