Do you Value The Creators? We do.

August 19th is when the entire planet celebrates World Photography Day every year. It's a day to celebrate well-known pictures, famous photographers, and the beauty of photography itself. But here at findr, we value the photographers above everything else. Without them, we'd be absolutely nothing and the world wouldn't be the same. So this year... Continue Reading →

Colours of Findr #2 – Hot Pink

Our photographers are so incredibly talented that we struggled to narrow down our selection of pictures for our Pink Week. Beyond the colour theme, we were looking for stunning professional photographs, and we found so many of those that we could have made Pink Week into Pink Month. Here are the five pictures that made the... Continue Reading →

Colours of Findr #1 – Fiery Red

Last week, we celebrated the end of Spring with a fiery red series of photographs taken by five of our amazing, talented photographers. They deserve some more credit for the fantastic work they do both for findr and for their own brands, so we've compiled them all in this post along with the stories behind... Continue Reading →

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