Service Series #5 – Animal/Pet Photography

Welcome to our fifth Findr Service series! Last month we decided to focus on animal and pet photography, and got to feature loads of amazing animal photographs taken by some of our talented photographers.

We selected five incredible photos from five of our animal/pet photographers to showcase in this blog post and on our social media. Each image features a different animal and shows the different technique, atmosphere, and approach that each photographer used to capture the final image.

All the following professionals can be booked for shoots directly from their profiles, or you can head to our website to find the right person for you.

MondayBader Photography

Bader photography

“This picture was taken in Jordan, in the northern part called Um Qais. Many people in this region have pigeons as pets, where some have hundreds of pigeons and some exotic breeds are worth thousands of dollars. The pigeons in the picture are waiting for their owner to give them the signal to start a flyover match. Pigeons owners close by would have matches, kind of gambling too, where they fly their groups go birds in circles, getting closer and closer to each other until they merge into one group. Then their owners give them a signal to come back home. Just to discover which birds they have gained or lost. It depends on how the pigeons are trained by their owners. Pigeons owners in the same neighbourhood would meet daily \ weekly to see which birds they gained or lost to others in other neighbourhoods over the many matches they had. In a way, there is another city above each city having pigeon owners. There is a whole culture to it which dramatically differs from the cities they live in.”

TuesdayJulia M

Julia M

“Back in April 2018 while I was on my photography course I needed to practice and expand my portfolio for Assignment. I didn’t know yet what speciality I will choose, but I definitely was considering to try Animal photography. I approached a local Southampton Reptile shop via Facebook and they were good to me to come and take some photos.
Obviously, the session was for free because at that moment I didn’t have any experience with animals. I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew that I was going for studio style photographs at the end. With me, I took 1 camera, 2 lenses, 2 speedlights, white translucent umbrella, tripod, light stands and black backdrop (Cotton black piece of fabric).

When I arrived the owner allocated a room for me where I could do my set up. The space was literally 1×1 meter, but I managed to fit the umbrella and rest of the gear. Before the shot, I read that reptiles are tolerant to a flash so there should be no problem during the session. I chose golden python, lizard and chameleon as my models for a day. The owner also allowed me to use any tank decoration as a prop.

My number one lesson from this shot – Be patient and take your time by letting pets to move around.

Lesson number two- Be ready for unpredictable behaviour. The lizard nearly ran away, python kept crawling behind the backdrop and chameleon decided to do a poo on the backdrop.

Lesson three- Don’t stuck with one subject for too long. Those three reptiles I was shooting for about 3 hours, I wanted to get that particular look, but if I could be less picky I could take photos of more than just 3 animals.”

Wedneday – Lucy Rose Photography


Thursday – Leonardo Noguera


“As a photographer, I seek to capture the personality of the animal. I always try to focus a lot on the look of the pets, since their eyes express a lot, to make pictures of pets you have to be very patient and be very attentive to any funny gesture the animal makes.”

Friday – Mr. Drew Photography

Mr Drew Photography

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