Travel Photography VS. Adventure Photography

Photography has many genres, some of which share traits, others of which are so vastly different you can’t even begin to compare them. In this blog post, we are going to dive into the differences and similarities of Travel and Adventure photography.

At first thought, these two types of photography might be considered very similar. For instance, adventure photography usually occurs away from home, and travel photography occurs, well, when you travel, away from home. Both types of photography make us think of something that is out of the ordinary and that doesn’t take place in our everyday life.

But where is it that these two types of photography part ways and become their own unique genre?  We decided to take a look at a few different sources and find out.


As Instagram allows both amateur and professional photographers to share photos, we decided to take a look at the travel photography hashtag and see what people consider travel photography.

The general vibe of the travel photography hashtag has 3 key photos: the beautiful landscape photo, the foreign architecture photo, and the photo of someone with said beautiful landscape in the background. There is also some food photography and selfies thrown in for good measure. Overall, the travel photography hashtag has everything you’d expect to see in someone’s holiday camera roll as well as some brilliant professional photography.

One of the things we first noticed while scrolling through Instagram was that the adventure photography hashtag is used significantly less than the travel photography hashtag. Nevertheless, there is still a large number of images that give us a taste of what people consider an adventure. It seems that the adventure hashtag is used for more outdoorsy activities, such as hiking, kayaking, extreme sports, and the occasional road trip.

However, there was one theme that kept popping up that we didn’t expect: wedding photos. It seems quite strange to hashtag your wedding photos as an adventure as the literal explanation for an adventure is “a risky or unusual” experience, but isn’t that exactly what marriage is after al



Moving on from the world of social media we decided to look at a source that was more professional photographer orientated. We checked out the Outside Online’s “Best Adventure Photography of 2017” which led us to a series of action-packed photos of mountain climbers, kayakers, skydivers, and surfers. The select group of photographers from this series managed to capture the thrill and adrenalin you feel when on an adventure, which something we think is key when it comes to good adventure photography. If you are looking for inspiration for your next adventure, we highly recommend you check out the Outside Online’s article: Best Adventure Photography of 2017.

As for travel photography, we took a look at National Geographic’s “Best Travel photos of 2018”. After scrolling through the 29 stunning photos taken from across the globe a theme became apparent. Travel photography tends to focus on traditions, cultures, and people. Whether it be people dressed in traditional clothing for a special event or an average man on his daily route to work, the photos captured moments from other countries that show a culture and lifestyle that is different from your own.

Our Own Photographers

Finally, we decided to take a look at our own photographers at findr. We picked both photographers from our Travel Photographer service and our Adventure Photographer service and had a look at how they approached each type of photography. It was a hard choice as we have so many talented photographers in each category, so if you would like to see more head on over to our Adventure Photography Services page and our Travel Photographer Services page.

Adventure Photographers:

Zee captures stunning landscapes and beautiful views, however, each of his photos has a unique twist. His photos tend to feature adrenalin fuelled people standing on the very edge of high buildings and doing backflips off of cars, transforming these somewhat calm and peaceful landscapes into something more extreme and dangerous.

Zee - Image

Claire Clifton Coles

Claire’s work features a series of amazing photographs of rock climbers. Just like Zee’s work, these photos feature breath-taking landscapes and the focus of the images are the fearless people climbing up the side of a huge cliff. The landscape is merely there to help us visualise how high up these people are and the risk they are taking when they are climbing.


Thomas Bekker

Similar to the photos by Zee and Claire, Thomas’ photos also feature landscapes. This time the landscape emphasises just how isolated the skiers’ campsite is. It’s obvious that only those who long for adventure and crave to jump into the unknown would make the effort to travel to such a remote part of the world.

Thomas Bekker

Travel Photographers:

Richard James Taylor

Looking through Richard’s Travel Photography Service portfolio we can see a mixture of beautiful landscapes, portraits, and an overall feel of different countries’ traditions and cultures. The landscape images tend to focus on the impressive and unique architecture and the images of people have a strong sense of tradition.

Richard James Taylor

Eleonora Costi

In Eleonora’s travel photography service portfolio we found a series of bright and colourful photos from the Holi Festival. These images capture the traditional Hindu festival of greeting spring, which transforms the whole area into one big rainbow.

Elenora Costi

Michael Sheridan

Similar to Eleonora and Richard, Michael captures a counties culture through taking stunning pictures of landscapes and people. Capturing images of people living their everyday lives successfully gives us a small taste of what life is like in a country thousands of miles away.


Overall, the couple of things adventure and travel photography have in common are that they both take place away from your ordinary everyday life and they both occasionally involve a landscape or two. However, the story and journey behind an adventure photo and travel photo are vastly different. Nevertheless, both these styles of photography take great talent and an eye for detail to portray the exciting story that is happening in front of the camera.


Don’t forget to browse through the talented professional photographers that work with findr. You can find anyone you’re looking for here.

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