Instagram: What effect does it have on the world of photography?

Taking photos has never been easier than it is today. You simply have to grab your smartphone, press a few buttons, and there you have it: a quick snap of something you found interesting, all captured and saved onto a device that you can then slip back into your pocket.

But it doesn’t stop there. We now insist on editing and sharing these photos almost immediately after taking them and what easier way to do this than on Instagram? Instagram has millions of users, making it one of the most popular photo-sharing social media platforms in the world. Millions and millions of photos are shared every single day, from professional landscape photography to a proud grandma’s first picture her new granddaughter.

Everyone Has Become A Photographer

Instagram has millions of users to date, many of whom probably never took pictures on a daily basis before smartphones came about, only taking out their cameras for special occasions like birthday parties or trips abroad. However, that’s all changed with the evolution of technology and the creation of social media.

People are now taking photos of simple everyday occurrences and not just of moments that they wish to cherish for years to come. People are discovering art and beauty in everyday life and snapping pictures of them quickly and with ease. This could, of course, lead to some people discovering their love for photography and choosing to put the time and effort into making a career out of it. However, it also results in thousands of people taking meaningless photos and posting them online for the sake of it.


Like For A Like

It’s now possible for us to get immediate gratification for any photo we post online. All you have to do is a quick edit, use the right hashtags and then sit back and wait for the likes to roll in. Sometimes, you might even get a couple of new followers and a few more likes than your previous post. Either way, knowing that your photo was noticed is always uplifting.

But this could lead you down the slippery slope of valuing your photography based on how many likes you get. On Instagram, there are certain types of photos that tend to be more popular than others, which leads to more and more people recreating a photo that already exists. This essentially diminishes any creative aspects of the photo and creates a popularity contest where thousands of people are competing. Instagram has been observing a copycat effect lately, and it’s becoming a real problem in the photography world.

instagram-photos-look-the-same-insta-repeat-designboom-2-818x620Picture from: Insta Repeat

Amateur vs. Professional

Although you can still tell the difference between smartphone photography and photographs taken with a DSLR camera, the gap in quality is slowly tightening as the technology progresses. Even so, it is still fairly obvious to recognise the difference between a photo taken by a professional photographer with a keen eye for detail, and an amateur photographer who decided to recreate the same picture of a very popular tourist location on their trip abroad.

This is because professional photographers are capable of producing flawless images time and time again, have their own style of photography and put the hard work and effort into creating memorable and unique photographs. This is not to say that amateurs aren’t capable of taking aesthetically pleasing pictures, they may just lack the creativity and knowledge that professional photographers have.

Like many things, Instagram has its pros and its cons. It is a wonderful platform for findr to share and feature all of our talented photographers, as well as giving photographers the opportunity to find and join communities of like-minded artists. Although you can get caught up in chasing likes and fall down the rabbit hole of recreating what has already been done, it’s important to remember that likes don’t define your work. Trends come and go, but truly talented and hardworking photographers are here to stay.

Do you think Instagram has a negative or positive influence on the world of photography? Let us know in the comments below!

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