Services Series #4 – Food Photography

It’s finally time for a summary of all the amazing photos and photographers featured in last month’s Services Series. Since we have been super busy booking all kinds of Food Photography shoots, it only seemed appropriate to make last month’s Services Series: Food Photography!

As you might already know we do a lot of work with the popular food delivery company, Deliveroo. So, to make this Services Series extra special we have decided to showcase some photographers that have gone above and beyond with their food photography to meet the needs and demands of Deliveroo. They make every photo so mouth-wateringly good that we just can’t help but order Deliveroo on a lazy Sunday evening.

Lucky for you, the photographers featured on this blog are all available for hire. So if you or someone you know is in need of a food photographer, you can book them directly from their profiles. Alternatively, you can head over to our website to find the right photographer for you.

Monday – Martina O’Shea

Martina O'Shea

“This image was part of a series of images I took at a restaurant in Soho, on assignment to tell the story of the restaurant. For this image, I liked how the curves of the snail shells were reflected in the curved plate and the vibrant green really makes the image pop.”

TuesdayPhoto Larder

4 Photo Lader -.jpg

WednesdayGeorgie Glass

1 Georgie Glass.jpg

ThursdayPhotography by LUKE

2 Luke Richards

“The shoot had to include a range of spices for the client and a range of textures that would work well together. The background was selected to be neutral and authentic using similar natural colouring and natural wood”

Friday –  Juliet Lemon

5 Juliet Lemon.jpg

If you’d like to join the series, simply post your pictures on Instagram and use the hashtag #findrservices for us to be able to check out your work. See you all next month!

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