What’s been happening behind the scenes.

Findr is defined by its photographers. Our community drive us forward and make us want to improve ourselves and our services daily. But none of that would be possible without the team that handles everything backstage: our developers.

They’ve been working ridiculously hard to improve our platform, so we had a chat with our web developer, Josh, and he’s taken time to update us (and you!) on what’s been happening behind the scenes.

This past year has been very busy and very enjoyable for the development team. We always put a lot of thought and care into our work and we hope everyone is enjoying the platform as much as we enjoy making it better every day.

From a development perspective, we are completely dedicated to ensuring the best possible platform for our users – seriously, I wake up in the morning thinking about how we can make findr better.

The Juicy Details

The last six months have revolved around eliminating hurdles for our amazing photographers, making it easier to onboard them, create their services and so on. We’ve also focused heavily on fixing lots of annoying inconsistencies behind the curtain, so you won’t necessarily notice these, but trust that the platform runs much smoother now! Awesome.

Getting into the gritty details, we’ve analysed some of our platform and completely redesigned some of our features.

For example, we found that the old method of getting photographers to upload their images was way too time-consuming and frustrating. So we’ve developed a completely new shiny (and quite frankly, slick) interface for creating your portfolios. You can now drag and drop all of your photos at once and ‘tag’ them to the respective services. Our new framework will automatically add those images to your correct portfolios and create services for you. This means you can create your presence on findr much easier than before.

Upload and Tag

We found that our old services interface had a similar problem, so we’ve redesigned that, too. It’s now crazy fast. You’re welcome.

Categorise Services

A Brand New Look

You may have noticed that our homepage has changed. We now offer the ability to browse for photographers straight from the word go, as well as offering a new way to book photographers for a specific service.

Image 1

We wanted to make sure our photographers wouldn’t be missing out on any opportunities, so we made sure that our users had more than one way of finding and booking photographers. This is why we developed service-specific landing pages. These new pages allow customers to specify exactly:

  • What they need from a photographer
  • How much they’re willing to pay
  • And where they need a photographer

Almost all of our photographers are opted-in to this system, which means you have a vast choice of photographers at your fingertips, at the price point you specify. This also means that customers are less likely to get frustrated with our platform, more engaged with the content on our website, and more likely to book photographers!

What about our big clients?

Currently, findr boasts some big enterprise clients. This is great news for our photographers because it gives them more flexibility on the work they choose to do, because there’s so much of it!

In order to make it easy for our enterprise customers to manage their photography with findr, we’ve introduced the following features:

  1. A super easy way for them to manually manage their photographers
  2. The ability to self create contracts, set pricing and other bespoke details
  3. A dashboard to keep track of all shoots, pending and completed.

We’ve also added some information about enterprise-level, photography if you’re interestedA lot of internal tweaks have gone into this enterprise feature, which means a slicker process for everyone involved.

Easier communications

Another principle at findr is open communication. We think that while we’ve made a good attempt at making this a reality, we still have a long way to go. It’s for this exact reason that we’ve improved some of our automated email communications.

For example, our enterprise users now get automated emails any time the photographer has uploaded their images. This feature will be rolled out to all of our non-enterprise users soon, too.

Making our platform easy to use, fast and attractive is a high priority for us. Our development team have worked hard to squash many annoying (but equally important) bugs in our codebase.

Developing a website site is a long and hard task, but we are definitely on the right track to making our website better for all our users, making it easier for both clients and photographers to navigate and use findr for their benefit.

If you haven’t signed up to findr already you can do so here.

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