Services Series #3 – Fashion Photography

Our photographers are jacks of many trades, and a lot of them have worked with the fashion industry to bring their runways, collections and magazine spreads to life. This month, we decided to make them the centre of attention and bring to you examples of the gorgeous fashion photography our photographers create.

All the following photographers can be booked for shoots directly from their profiles, or you can head to our website to find the right person for you.

Monday – IC Projects

ic projects


Tuesday Mathias Paltrié

Mathias Paltrié

“I shot this picture during Paris Fashion Week, where I was the official backstage photographer for Rani Zakhem. At one point I saw this lady in front of me with this gold dress – the event was being held at great Parisian Hotel. In my head, I saw gold gold gold, like an ad for Dior.  So that’s why I retouched the background to standardise it and focus on the model but to keep the gold universe.”

Wednesday Katarzyna Drazek


“This photograph was taken in 2016 in Hyde Park by Serpentine Gallery, where this amazing installation was created.

I usually get my inspiration from different architecture styles and in this case I was inspired by these geometrical shapes. My main focus is to create a little contrast between my models and objects surrounding them.

Daniel and Khareem were the perfect pick for this photography shoot and my stylist Monika Dykiel chose lovely pastel colours and prints for their clothes.”

Thursday – Lee Howell

Lee Howell Photography

“This image was shot for a feature on Scottish Model and broadcaster Eunice Olumide for Migrant Woman Magazine we did a few years back.

We shot the entire series on location at Gullane beach on rather dull(ish) day on the east coast of Scotland and then composited these elements, along with pre-shot image assets of landscape, and skies etc in postproduction.

The day in question was a lot cloudier and colder if I remember right, with the sun only breaking through toward the end of the day but it’s not something I tend to linger on, to be honest, otherwise we break that fictional spell we strive to make for the viewer in producing a sunny, glamorous fashion set of images.

Though I am a photographer first and foremost, I see myself more as an image-maker, using photographic equipment to capture the elements that go to make up the final image, by and large these elements are photographed separately often on different occasions and in different locations.

Each concept is photographed with a clear idea of how I want the final composite image to look, however, I am under no illusion that these images are works of fiction, rather than single frame captured photographs.

Using real world objects, places and people to create something new, something that is not real, usually something that often plays to our preconceived idea of how we imagine something should look, rather than photographing the thing itself, to which I then usually add a small element of romantic escapism.

For me it’s all about having great concepts, bringing them into commercial practice and proving to the clients that you have a good creative mind, as well as the technical tools to do the job.”

Friday – Knas Vang


If you’d like to join the series, simply post your pictures on Instagram and use the hashtag #findrservices for us to be able to check out your work. See you all next month!

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