Service Series #2 – Landscape Photography

Welcome to our second Findr Services series of 2019! Last month, we focused on event photography to carry on the new year’s spirit, and got to showcase some beautiful, colourful photographs taken by some of our amazing photographers.

This month, we’re showcasing 5 pictures taken by our landscape photographers. And, as the core of findr’s mission is to make good photographers available to people anywhere, we carefully selected five photographers from five different countries to show the diversity in styles, environments and skills that our photographers have.

All the following professionals can be booked for shoots directly from their profiles, or you can head to our website to find the right person for you.

Monday – Whitefox Gallery – Scotland

Stephen Whitehorne Photography

“Photographing the views towards Slioch and transfixed by the perfect reflections of trees and mountains on an unusually still Loch Maree, I felt privileged to have spent a glorious October afternoon on the shores of one of my favourite lochs. It was difficult to pull away but my instincts were drawing me towards the setting sun and what I felt could be a very special end to the day by Loch Torridon, a few miles to the west.

Needless to say, on my drive through Glen Torridon, from out of nowhere it seemed, clouds had quickly gathered from the west threatening to ruin my plans. But as landscape photographers in Scotland quickly learn, when one door closes another invariably opens. And so it was that the sun performed a magnificent, if all too brief encore; just not where I was expecting it too! A gap in the clouds on the horizon, allowed for a final spill of late autumn sunlight onto the flank of Liathach but negotiating the narrow road whilst distracted seemed like a bad idea. Captivated by what had suddenly been framed by the windscreen, I now needed to frame it in the viewfinder. Screeching to halt where I shouldn’t (in a ‘Passing Place’), I hurriedly set up the tripod with just seconds to spare to capture this fleeting moment of autumnal gold; a stirringly evocative scene, all the more dramatic amid the increasing gloom of the mountain backdrop.

Highland weather dictates you don’t always get what you want but you often get what you need! Such unpredictability can, at the same time, be both a curse and a blessing to a photographer of wild Scotland. Moments of unexpected drama can come and go in the blink of an eye, often demanding an instinctive, rapid response with a camera but never failing to inspire.”

Tuesday Ivpphotography – Ireland


Wednesday Cédric Hatto – Belgium

Cédric Hatto .jpg

Thursday – Jack Mohr – Australia

Jack Mohr Photography .jpg

“The image is taken in Hobart, Tasmania last year in April/May. It was taken at about 5:30-6AM on the top of Mount Wellington looking over the small city of Hobart. A freezing morning, but definitely worth facing the cold.”

Friday – Eduardo Ripoll – Spain

Eduardo Ripoll

I live in Valencia, a city next to the Mediterranean. For me, the sea is always a source of inspiration. I took this picture on a cloudy day, something strange in Valencia where it is always sunny. I took advantage of that light to make a shot with a slow shutter speed. For me it is a kind of meditation, the sea, its colour, the waves, all that together makes it special.

If you’d like to join the series, simply post your pictures on Instagram and use the hashtag #findrservices for us to be able to check out your work. See you all next month!

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