The Best Photography Articles of January 2019

Have you heard of Medium yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Click on that link, you won’t regret it.

Medium is a platform that gathers thousands of articles written by contributors daily, and they have a section for everything. Yes, that includes photography.

We learn a lot from it ourselves, and are always amazed at the diversity in topics, fields and types of practices. This month, we thought we’d be generous and share with you the best finds of January.

This includes articles aimed at amateurs as well as experts, as the seniority of our photographers differs a lot from one person to the other. We hope you find a lot of valuable information in there, and learn a thing or two!


  1. How To Winter-Proof Your Photography

The weather is out of control in most of the Northern hemisphere at the moment, but it’s not enough to stop photographers from shooting. However, the cold can cause a lot of logistical issues when it comes to long shoots outdoors. Worry not! Alicja Parlak, Toronto-based producer, designer and photographer put together her best tips to shooting in cold weather.

2. A Beginner’s Guide to Studio Photography

This one might only appeal to the least experienced of our photographers, but it could also be a good way for more experienced ones to explore a different kind of photography they’ve never dabbled in before. With this very detailed, start-to-finish guide to studio photography, Shannon Ciricillo educated photographers on the different aspects of this type of photography service.

3. How to Deal With Anxiety Before a Photo Shoot

This one is a bit more of a concrete, serious article. Written again by Shannon Ciricillo, it addresses what can happen behind the scenes at any photo shoot. People tend to invest a lot of themselves in their work – but this can have a lot more impacts on photographers, as they have to manage both the pressure of being freelance and the knowledge that their art and creativity are being judged constantly. Shannon offers some relief in the form of advice, which has been tested and approved by a lot of artists already!


4. Beginners Guide to Mobile Photography

We’re all attached to our professional cameras, but there’s no denying that phone photography is becoming more and more popular. As a result, most smart phone are now equipped with great cameras, which can deliver pretty impressive results. In this article, Jagannath Saragadam goes over a lot of basic photography rules but adapts them to phone cameras to enable photographers to take better pictures on their phones.

5. Travel Photography Equipment Tips for Beginners

At findr, we often onboard people with Travel Photography as one of the services they offer. For those who aren’t yet doing travel photography, those who wish to get started, or those who have just begun and are still getting to grips with it, traveller, writer and photographer Jim Jones put together his best recommendations to help them achieve their travel photography goals.

6. How to Photograph the Milky Way With Long Exposure

To finish off, this one is a bit more specific and about enabling photographers to improve their skills in night photography. Based in Utah, photographer Derek Sturman has years of experience teaching himself new skills to photograph the milky way around the US. His article is a lot more technical than the other ones in this list, and is therefore about providing photographers with factual guidance to improve their landscape photography at night.


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