Photographer Profile #7 – Laura Farneti

Happy new year, and welcome back to our much-loved photographer profiles! In 2019, we want to keep supporting our amazing photographers and introducing them and their work to you. Here’s to a talent-filled year!


To start off, please tell us a bit about yourself!

I am the daughter of a photography and travel lover (lucky couple that has accompanied me since childhood) and, after different career paths and training, I decided 6 years ago to launch myself in this entrepreneurial adventure which, however difficult, continues to satisfy me and make me grow, professionally and personally.

What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learned as a photographer?

Photography is like taking samples of reality. Each of us is able to connect with reality in a different way and this difference affects our work. I learned a lot from my teacher Antonio Saba, with whom I worked as an assistant on set and as a production secretary for some important editorial projects.

Since I opened my own studio, I have acquired more security and new types of information. If before I asked myself: “what is the right way to do this?”, now I ask myself: “in which of the many possible ways can I solve this commission/communication?”. In fact, the greater technical capacity alone does not solve, but rather complicates the work flow and the goal becomes the choice and not the possibility of succeeding or not.


To you, what’s the best thing about being a photographer? 

The most interesting thing about being a photographer is being able to observe others without any role in what is observed–the non-participant observation of the first anthropologists. When I was a student I worked continuously in bars and behind the bar I could watch, observe, listen to everything and everyone without anyone finding it strange or including me in the situation. I was an ignored audience, as I am still now with a camera with me!

What introduced you to photography?

As I said, I come from a family in which my parents took pictures, so I always had the chance to do it and to compare myself to them.

Where’s your favourite place to take pictures in your city, and why?

I love the sea and the horizon of the beautiful beach of my city.


If you like Laura’s work and want to book her, head to her findr profile!

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