2018 — Our Year in Pictures

2018 has been the most active year we’ve had since launching findr, and we obviously owe it all to our fantastic photographers. In particular, we made an active effort to showcase their beautiful work on our social media as much as we could.

So, as an early Christmas treat and to celebrate all the things we’ve achieved together this year, let’s have a look at 2018 — in pictures!

9 most successful pictures of the year

We love to share our photographers’ work with the whole online photography community — and we love it even more when the response to their work is this great. The collage below shows, in order from left to right, the 9 most successful Instagram pictures we posted in 2018.

6 Colour Weeks

Every month since June, we have organised a colour series — that is 5 pictures taken by our registered photographers that follow a specific colour pattern.

These series were a fantastic way to share those photographers’ work with the photography community on different social media platforms, but also for us to get to know our photographers better.

Indeed, we’d ask each of them to explain the thought process or context behind the featured picture, and these exchanges were both fascinating and inspiring.

In case you missed them on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, we gathered them all here for you. Enjoy!







2 Photography Competitions

2 business card features winners

2018 was a year full of changes for findr. For this reason, we needed new business cards to ensure that we’d be representing our photographers the best we could.

And what better way to do so than by allowing those same photographers to submit pictures that would then be judged by the findr staff to select two winners, whose work would then be featured on the front of our new business cards?

The decision was hard to make, but we eventually all agreed on these two pictures:

5 winners of our World Photography Day competition

As much as being a year full of changes, 2018 was a year of firsts. In August, we ran our first ever World Photography Day competition!

Pictures were entered into the contest by our registered photographers and posted on their own Instagram accounts. The winners were picked based on the number of likes the online community had given them.

The results were incredible and we were amazed by the work we saw. Here are the winners, and we hope to see a lot more of you in the selection this year!

Thank you for this beautiful, colourful, moving year, everyone. We are so excited to see what you bring into the world in 2019!

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