Colours of Findr #6 — Black and White

It’s a wrap, folks! This month marks our 6th and final colours of findr series of 2018. We dropped all the colours this time and went for a classy black and white theme.

Thank you once again to all the photographers whose pictures we’ve featured during these special weeks, and to those of you who have followed their work throughout the year. As always, you can book any of them on our website!

Monday – Charlotte Hickmott

Charlotte Hickmott Photography

“This was taken in Kerala, India back in 2016. For years I had wanted to go to India and it did not disappoint! Everywhere I looked there was so much life, colour and happiness. During my trip, I set myself the challenge to shoot only with my film Pentax K1000 and try shooting such a vibrant, colourful country in black and white film. I remember taking this photo on a walk by the beach.

I am always drawn to people in my images and I love how playing with exposure can transform an image and play on what is in front of you. The people have become silhouettes and yet there is still so much happening. For me it portrayed those warm Indian evenings on the beach where everyone gathers to catch the last of the sun and enjoy the cool ocean breeze.”

Tuesday – Rémi Pichard

Rémy Pichard

Wednesday – Paul Campbell

Paul Campbell Photography

“The picture was taken during the Findhorn Bay Arts Festival and was part of a performance by Dudendance called The Lady Vanishes. It was an installation performance drawing upon the juxtaposition of spirituality and war in a meditative interpretation of invasion, conquest and contemplation.

Performed by several dancers across the grounds of the ruined walls of Kinloss Abbey at dusk the ghostly figures, clad in hooded white robes, are eternal migratory souls moving through imaginary borders, dancing to the harmonies of an unseen heavenly choir.

The statuesque figures moved all around us at an almost stationary pace. In their white robes they were both haunting and mesmerising set against the low light of dusk and a dark brooding sky.”

Thursday – Giulio Speranza

Giulio Speranza

Friday – R Photography Studio



Thank you for all your support — see you next year!

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