Colours of Findr #5 – Fresh Green

In the Northern hemisphere, leaves have started turning brown and falling, and the sun’s appearances are more and more rare, so we tried to bring back a touch of Spring with this month’s Green Week as part of our #coloursoffindr series!

Have a look at what the photographers have to say about their pictures, and don’t forget that you can book any of them (and many, many more) as a unique Christmas present this year on our website.

Monday – Francesca Porta

Francesca Porta

“Photography is the expression of our inner self, it catches every sentiment of the human being in a fraction of time. Colours play a crucial role in my work: through every shade I try to make my photos unique, making colours my signature, my style. This particular photo was taken with some friends a couple of years ago, while I was home. Experimenting with the light-painting technique, I made a series of photos in which I wanted to unveil those feelings we tend to repress. Fear, anger, envy, loneliness, sadness come out of the dark and through colours they depict the human figure. In this picture I wanted to depict fear (represented by the blue) and envy (the green), feelings we want to hide to others, but that are a part of ourselves.”

Tuesday – Astor and Barth

Astor and Barth Media

Wednesday – James Dale

A chameleon on a branch in Devon, UK

“As a photographer, one of my main areas is nature. I am always on the lookout for elements of the natural world that can really breathe some life into my photographs. This image was not planned in advance, it was on a random day I decided to explore a local habitat in Paignton, UK and upon discovering this little guy I realised that all the elements of this photograph just fit together really well. Everything from the thin branches in the foreground that help frame the image to the way the chameleon was looking at me with a hint of expression to how the green of the animal is a lighter green than the background allowing him to stand out for the image.

Sometimes in life we are luckily enough to be given an image, we just have to know when and to capture it when this happens.”

Thursday – Andrea Crupi

Andrea Crupi

“I’m a photographer, but before that I’m a geologist, and Iceland and the Northern lights have always been a dream. Then I decided to link the two things and I begin to organize a photographic trip to Iceland. This picture has been taken at the Reykjadalur geothermic field. It was the last day and we’d seen some Northern Lights the past few days but they’d been pretty weak.
It was midnight and we started to see some some green from the cottages. Then we started taking some pictures there, but there was too much light pollution and once again it was a weak one. What could we do? It was the last night, so we decided to find a nice dark place and see if we could be lucky… We took the car and drove to the nearest desert place: the Reykjadalur geothermic field.
It start slow, but after one hour it was better than fireworks! One of the best things I’ve ever seen!”

Friday – Mateusz Siuta

Mateusz Siuta


Our last #coloursoffindr series this year is only a few weeks away, and we actually decided to get rid of all colours this time: prepare yourself for a week of black and white beauty!

As it’s our last one this year, it’ll also be your last chance to add your picture to the collection. Start tagging your black and white pictures with #coloursoffindr and we’ll check out your work. See you next month!

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