Photographer Profile #5 – ASB Photography

Anne-Sophie from ASB Photography is the focus of our September photographer profile. She shared with us her love for weddings and her place in the field as a woman, and we can’t wait to share her answers with you! You can book her and find out more about her here.

To start off, please tell us a bit about yourself!

Hi! My name is Anne-Sophie and I’m a 23-year-old photographer from Lyon, France. I started taking pictures while I was living abroad with my parents and I wanted to collect memories from there. I’m a huge lover of nature and discovering new things. I guess that’s why I also love photography so much, you never have two photoshoots that are similar. I definitely consider myself as a lifestyle photographer as I focus on emotions and shooting people with natural light.

You often photograph weddings — what attracts you to this kind of shoots?  

I’ve always had something about weddings. When I was in high school, I wanted to be a wedding planner (amongst various ideas I had). I always loved the fact that it is a day full of beautiful emotions and that people are just happy to be there. I had the opportunity to shoot a friend’s sister wedding and I got hooked! I’m quite empathetic so weddings are a beautiful adventure for me.

Of course, I love a wedding in the mountains or any beautiful location, but immortalizing emotions is what gets me going. I can’t be happier than when my bride and groom tell me that they can feel the emotions through the pictures. It’s such a beautiful job to make people feel happy.

Out of all the pictures you’ve ever taken, do you have a favourite one? 

I don’t have a favorite picture. I change my mind a lot concerning my photography. Some pictures I will really like for a while and then not care about at all. Sometimes I will just love a flower picture, sometimes I will be in awe in front of a wedding shot or a portrait. Plus, I feel like as photographers we are always evolving, so we will always be looking for something new in our pictures. If I had to choose, I would say that lately, any picture when I catch someone laughing their heart out makes me happy!


If you could give a piece of advice to amateur photographers, what would it be?

Photography is a beautiful yet complicated thing. There are more and more photographers every day, but I would say to not worry because we all have our own place. Find what you love best and who you would like to work for. Get some data on those people, meet them, see if they respond to what you have to offer and if not, adjust your packages. Be ok with making mistakes, because it’s what will make your business (and yourself) stronger. Shoot every time you can, and don’t forget to shoot for yourself. It’s tricky when you are making money out of your passion so be sure to never feel stuck in what you do.

Also, don’t forget that if you want to make a living out of it, it is a business you’re running. So you need to look at the numbers, price accordingly and be confident in yourself. It’s more than just one piece of advice but there are so many things to say to people who want to be photographers! There are a lot of ressources on the internet so go get them!


As a female photographer, what are some obstacles you’ve faced in your career? And how do you find your place in the photography world? 

I think I’ve been quite lucky in my life. I am a woman, I am young and I am mixed race, so I could have suffered from various discriminations but I don’t feel like I’ve been looked down upon because of it. I follow so many talented women photographers that I feel like we are getting more and more space. Obviously, it’s still quite a male-dominated field, but there are a lot of female photographers who would be quite happy to help you. I’ve never had someone say to my face that they wouldn’t book me because I am a (young) woman, and even if some people didn’t book me because of that, I don’t really care because I wouldn’t have like to work for them.

At first, I only knew male photographers and some of them were quite cold and distant when I tried to talk to them, but I talked to other men that were so nice! I wish more female photographers would be « famous », if that make sense. Outside of Instagram, I feel like we don’t value women as much, but trust me, there are so many amazing women hustling out there!

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