Colours of Findr #4 – Warm Orange

With Autumn officially just around the corner, we thought we’d celebrate this Indian summer feel with warm orange pictures! As always, tag your own pictures with #coloursoffindr to join the series.

These pictures are the tiniest selection of pictures taken by our talented photographers. You can book them by clicking on their names or find the perfect photographer here!

Monday – Daniel Anderson

Daniel Anderson
© Daniel Anderson

Tuesday – Baptiste de Izarra

Baptiste de Izarra.jpg
© Baptiste de Izarra

“The orange in fizzy water is a picture I took when I was trying out water-based pictures. It went from fruit to regular objects. Obviously, bubbles allow for fantastic compositions, especially with an orange which offers a real geometric pattern. The hardest part was to find a second harmonious colour and to avoid reflections on the glass. I like this picture because it offers a refreshing aspect, something that’s always nice especially in these times of extreme heat.”

Wednesday – Yuri Kun

Yuri Manzin
© Yuri Kun

“I took that shot in my garden. I was playing with my little Pigmy Hedgehog, it was an afternoon with a beautiful sunset, and it looked wonderful and very inspiring so I ran to take my camera and take that snap .”

Thursday – Alix Dubuc

Alix Dubuc.jpg
© Alix Dubuc

“This picture is part of a series of pictures I took one morning when I went up a mountain to photograph the sunrise over the Alps. I really loved that moment, the colours were changing every second, from blue to orange to blue again a few minutes later.”

Friday – Michael Sheridan

© Michael Sheridan

“Beijing’s atmospheric hutongs (alleyways) are sadly dwindling in number, but there are still plenty to stumble across on a late night stroll. The neon Mandarin characters and the subtle blue light from the nearby house made this hutong in particular jump out at me.”


Prepare yourself: we’ve got an amazing selection of Blue pictures coming up next week for our October Colour Week! Keep your eyes peeled for some beautiful content, and make sure to tag your own pictures with #coloursoffindr so we can check out your work.

Header picture: Natalia Y

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