World Photography Day Competition Winners!

Let’s start things off with a massive THANK YOU. Thank you for your support throughout this competition, thank you for engaging with the entries, and, above all, thank you so much to all those of you who entered the competition!

You guys are all incredible. The level of talent blew our minds, and we were all amazed by the passion you all depicted in your captions when answering the question: “what does it mean for you to be a creator?”

We feel inspired, awed, and we CANNOT wait for you to see all the winning entries! The winning pictures were the ones with the most likes, so we want to thank all of the “voters” for their participation as well.

We hope you like these photographs as much as we do, and let us know which one your favourite is in the comments section!

1st place – Ervis Theodhori

image1 (1).jpeg

“The concept behind this picture is love — and the idea that it can make you fly!”

2nd place – Ludovic Farine


“My cousin and fellow photographer @chopardphotography visited me in Edinburgh. We were both keen on getting away from the city and exploring the Highlands. We arrived in Glencoe just in time before sunset. You can never know what weather would be in Scotland but we were rewarded. I wanted him to be in the picture to show the depth and immensity of the scenery. And hopefully it makes you wanna go and see it with your own eyes.”

3rd place – Elio Ruscetta

sponge cake

“Sponge is a project series, in which I wanted to use one of the most common, everyday objects to produce surrealistic images. I created several different environments and worked with colourful sponges, widely used in the kitchen, cut to a desirable shape giving them an appearance of a real sponge cake, ice lolly pop and even an exotic desert island.”

4th place – ASB Photography


“I just really love flowers and plants so I try to photograph them every time I have a shoot. In this specific case, I was taking pictures for an artistic director, so I took the liberty to take some pictures for myself. I like the softness and simplicity of a flower bouquet.”

5th place – Jannica Honey


“When the Blackbird Sings (2016-2017) focuses on the female body and its links with nature. The subjects are family, friends and acquaintances of the artist, always posing outdoors and at twilight. Honey shot the images over the course of a whole year, exclusively on every full and new moon.

Shooting at twilight allowed Honey to challenge the limitations of her chosen medium, in part for the time constraint (twilight only lasts 15-20 minutes), but also for the particular blue hue the light takes on during that time. While most photographers consider it unflattering for theirs subject matter and shy away from it.”

We’ll have more competitions in the future, and you could once again win a cash prize! So make sure you keep an eye on all our social media pages for any announcements — we look forward to seeing your work!

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