Landscape Photography: James Abbott’s Instagram Takeover

If there’s one thing that’s true for all of our photographers, it’s that they have talent — tons of it! This August, as we’re celebrating both photography and photographers, we wanted to showcase not only our photographers’ work, but also their words.

So on top of publishing the talented Georgie’s first contribution, we asked landscape photographer James Abbott to take over our Instagram for a week. His work is really incredible, so we’ve compiled it all into a blog post for you to see. If you like James’ pictures, give them a like on our Instagram, follow his account, or book him here for all your photoshoot needs!

Winskill Stones Yorkshiure Dales

This first picture “is a sunset shot of the amazing Winskill Stones in the Yorkshire Dales. This was shot at the end of a long day and was one of those perfect sunsets that seem to go on forever.”

South Devon

“This shot was taken on my first night of a family holiday to South Devon last year. After getting unpacked I saw that the sky was looking amazing so I jumped in the car and headed down to the beach. Luckily, the tide was reasonably high and lapping between these amazing rocks in the foreground.”

Wilding camping on Glyder Fach

“Nothing beats being in the mountains at sunset and then early for sunrise the next morning, and wild camping is the best way to do it. This image was taken at 11pm, and two torches and a long exposure were required for the effect you see here.”

Sunrise at Southwold Pier

“Here’s a hot sunrise shot taken at Southwold Beach on a cold January morning. As I approached the beach in the car it was looking like the sunrise just wasn’t going to look good. Fortunately, as I set up my camera some cloud drifted into the scene and picked up the amazing colour from the rising sun.”

Llyn Padarn Phone Shot

“To finish up I’ve selected a shot that was taken on my mobile phone. It’s often said that the best camera you have is the one you have with you, and I think that this photo embodies the adage perfectly. The image was shot using the Lightroom Mobile camera app shooting Raw on my Samsung Galaxy S8, and was edited in Adobe Lightroom CC.”

We’re hoping to organise more takeovers in the future to showcase your work and thoughts to all our followers, so keep posting your beautiful pictures to your accounts and follow our Instagram so we can check out your feed!

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