Colours of Findr #3 – And It Was All Yellow

Every month, we compile 5 pictures taken by our photographers that follow a specific colour scheme. This month’s series was slightly different, as it was part of our month-long campaign called Value The Creators. We used our voice, platform and influence to promote the work of the 5 photographers we picked — but we have a lot more amazing artists in our community, and encourage you all to check them out!

In August, to celebrate the Summer, we picked the colour yellow. Here is a summary of our Yellow Week with exclusive stories from the photographers themselves!

Monday – Dominika Cecot

© Dominika Cecot

“Shapes and colours are the most important components of my visual aesthetic. My photographs are inspired by simple everyday scenes and objects that when looked at from a different angle or perspective, create an interesting, at times abstract, image. I’ve always enjoyed photographing food and still life. This image was taken a few years ago in my home studio in London where I used to live and work. I like to find things around me, (in this case in my fridge) and play with them to create particular atmospheres. On that hot summer day I wanted to create an image representing “freshness”.”

Tuesday – Renata Aldana

Angelica Renata Aldana Sanchez
© Renata Aldana

“That photo was taken on a trip to the Colombian coast, specifically in Cartagena. It is part of a travel series around of Colombia. The woman in the photo is a Palenquera, one of the most representatives woman in Cartagena.”

Wednesday – David Soanes

David Soanes
© David Soanes

“I took this in the coastal town of Bundoran in County Donegal, Ireland. It was taken on a very stormy evening when I was going for a walk along the cliffs. The weather took a turn for the worst, so I took some shelter and took a picture through a window of the dramatic scene.”

Thursday – Francesca Zambotto

Francesca Zambotto
© Francesca Zambotto

“I never look at Venice through the eyes of a tourist and for me this town is still and each time a surprise. This image was taken during one of my photo tours; the group of tourists was small and excited to discover hidden squares, corners, streets that do not belong to common itineraries but are the background of the Venetians everyday life. I was talking about light and exposure and the composition of our shoots became a small channel, palaces with their red bricks reflecting on water and sun… We spent a wonderful time shooting and capturing non conventional pictures; it was funny to create a personal story of a day in Venice.”

Friday – Michael Sheridan

© Michael Sheridan

“The image is of the first hot air balloon of the morning rising up above the Bagan temples in Myanmar. It took some logistical planning, cycling in the pitch black darkness to find and clamber up one temple among thousands with a good viewpoint. There was a thin layer of mist which slowly drifted away as the orange sun dragged the sky through the full colour spectrum between red and blue. It was a photographer’s dream, one of many images I took that morning, but you have to remind yourself to put the camera down every now and then to fully appreciate what’s in front of you.”


Next month, we’ll be celebrating our photographers again, this time focusing on the colour Orange! If you’d like to share your work with you and join the series, tag your pictures with #coloursoffindr.


Header picture: Audrey Fretz

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