Do you Value The Creators? We do.

August 19th is when the entire planet celebrates World Photography Day every year. It’s a day to celebrate well-known pictures, famous photographers, and the beauty of photography itself.

But here at findr, we value the photographers above everything else. Without them, we’d be absolutely nothing and the world wouldn’t be the same. So this year we’re launching a pretty special campaign called Value The Creators.

We want to show our support to every photographer out there, amateur or professional, and carry on doing what findr does: promoting their work. With our promises to respect photographers’ fees, work, and creativity, the goal of our campaign is to highlight just that!

We’ll be using the entire month of August to showcase our photographers’ work and to promote the work of photographic artists all around the world!

Here’s what you can expect

my-life-through-a-lens-110632-unsplash (3)

Our first content contributor, Georgie Glass, will be publishing her first article with us on August 2nd! It’s an exciting piece we can’t wait to share with you. Throughout the month, there will also be more exclusive content shared with you, so keep an eye on this blog to not miss anything.

All our social media pages with be donning their brightest summer colours with our Yellow Week, findr’s third colour week, from the 6th to the 10th. Expect beautifully colourful pictures taken by members of our community, and feel free to add your own to the series using the hashtag #coloursoffindr!

Probably our newest, most exciting project this month! Amazingly talented photographer James Abbott will be taking over our Instagram account for a week starting August 13th to show you his work and share some tips with you — we look forward to see his pictures.

As expected, we’ll be celebrating World Photography Day on August 19th. Along with unseen content, we’ll also be revealing the winners of our competition and featuring their work on our social media pages the following week! Keep your eyes peeled for some new talents and incredible work.

What you can take part in


  • Our competition

Fancy winning £100 or a photoshoot? All you need to do is either submit a picture or vote for your favourite one. A simple click for a super prize, that’s an easy one! All the rules are available here.

  • Colour week

Use our hashtag #coloursoffindr to add your yellow picture to our monthly series. We check them all out and always love to see your work!

  • Show your support

Our photographers work hard on creating such amazing pictures, so please engage with their work and spread the word about Value The Creators!


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