World Photography Day Competition!

Competition Time!

To celebrate the upcoming World Photography Day, which happens on August 19th every year, we’ve decided to give 5 talented photographers and 1 lucky Instagramer the chance to win super exciting prizes!

World Photography Day is probably the most exciting day of the year for photographers, and we wanted to organise something special for it. But this year, to truly show our love not only for photography but above all for photographers, we’re focusing our competition on the creators themselves!

The whole campaign is called Value The Creators, so it’s also the theme for this competition: we’ll be looking for beautifully artistic pictures that represent what it means to be a photographer, an artist, a creator. Feel free to interpret this theme however you want — we can’t wait to see your work!

Who can enter?

Literally anyone! Whether you’re a professional photographer or have never touched a camera, whether you have a findr account or not, you can enter the competition.

How do I enter?

How to enter

What are the prizes?

Prizes (2)

What are the rules?

(COPY) Final oompetition design (1)

We will not claim ownership of any of the pictures entered, and findr will not own the photographs but may use them for publicity. If you have any questions or worries, please email Pauline at

The photoshoot can happen anywhere in the world, so your location doesn’t impact your chances of winning. You must be willing to share your location with us if you win so we can organise the shoot for you.

The deadline is August 12th. The winners will be identified and contacted from August 13th. Get in touch with us if you have any questions, and good luck!


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