Colours of Findr #2 – Hot Pink

Our photographers are so incredibly talented that we struggled to narrow down our selection of pictures for our Pink Week. Beyond the colour theme, we were looking for stunning professional photographs, and we found so many of those that we could have made Pink Week into Pink Month.

Here are the five pictures that made the cut, with stories behind the photographs told by the artists themselves!

But this is only a very, very small selection of photographers that we work with. To see more work from all those talented creators, head over to and check out their profiles!

Monday – Kasia Ratajczak

© Kasia Ratajczak

“This photo was taken about 5 years ago in my tiny home studio back in Poland where I grew up. It was taken with my first camera which was Canon 450d. Beautiful make-up by my best friend Bartek Osowczyk and model Jagoda Pawlowska. The idea for this photo was born when Bartek and I were in a beauty store looking for new cosmetics and found these shower gels with great colours and smells. Yes, the liquid on her is a pink (probably strawberry) shower gel! It was a challenge, I had only few minutes to take a shot as it was quickly going down her face. The model was absolutely brilliant and understanding. It wasn’t easy for her, she couldn’t even open her eyes.”

Tuesday – Baptiste Rutko

© Baptiste Rutko

“This picture was taken at the Casa de Serralves, in Porto. While visiting Porto, we decided to visit the Casa de Serralves, a building which reminded me strongly of the Villa Cavrois (being from Lille myself) — both of them built in the 1930s. We didn’t visit the museum you can find inside, but simply enjoyed the park and the building’s architecture. The colour of the wall created a very significant contrast against the morning sky’s blue colour. The curves and lines of the building allowed me to play about with the geometry and the shadows cast.”

Wednesday –

Our apologies, Wednesday’s post has been removed.

Thursday – 360 Photos for Business

360 Photos For Business
© 360 Photos for Business

While we made a joke about every day being cheat day (because, really, that’s kind of true for us), Lukasz from 360 Photos For Business looks at food as something that influences our culture. “I wonder why these donuts, called Spanish donuts, are so popular in Poland. We especially eat them for Fat Thursday (the equivalent of Pancake Day). But they’re not actually Spanish — they just look slightly like churros.” About this specific picture, Lukasz states that it was taken in his studio in Dublin” and that it’s actually “the same donut, photographed three times”!

Friday – ASB Photographe

ASB Photographe
© ASB Photographe

“I met up with a friend I hadn’t seen in a really long time, and we decided to organise a shoot at this specific location I’d seen many times on Instagram. There were already a lot of people taking pictures there. After a while, a bride and groom showed up with their photographer, and the park managers argued with them because people aren’t supposed to stay for long photoshoot at the park as it’s originally just a basketball court. The manager eventually threatened to call the police because the newly weds didn’t want to leave. All the while, we were right in the middle of all this! It was a funny little experience, but I’m glad I got to take my pictures really quickly!”


With Colour Weeks happening every month, we’d love to see your submissions for our next colour week, Bright Yellow. Use the hashtag #coloursoffindr to add your pictures to our series, and we might just feature you!


Header picture: Audrey Fretz

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