Deliveroo: Food (And Photography!) On Demand

Here, at findr, we love food. It might sound unhealthy, but there isn’t a single day where we don’t take a cheeky biscuit break, or enjoy a morning roll, or snack on some sweets. And we aren’t the only people who love food!

Deliveroo, a British food delivery company launched in 2013, revolutionised the takeaway food market by making it more accessible both to restaurants and customers. They operate in countries all over the world, expanding rapidly, and have an international reputation.

In 2017, Deliveroo approached findr because they needed a quick, reliable service to coordinate their food photography shoots in the North of the UK. With tools to book a photographer with 24h notice and the promise to receive the pictures within 24h, findr could immediately provide Deliveroo with a scalable solution.

Needing a responsive, on-demand service, Deliveroo signed a contract with findr in April 2017. Ever since then, findr have been supplying Deliveroo with photographers whenever, wherever, and as often as needed.


With more than 8,000 partner restaurants, Deliveroo is a busy company. They manage every aspect of a restaurant’s registration, alongside thousands of delivery riders and international professional relationships. Needless to say, they needed an easy solution for their photography needs—something that would reduce their work load, not increase it.

And that’s where findr comes in! Our network of over 3,000 photographers spreads from the UK to Australia, stopping by Dubai and Singapore on the way. To put it simply, our trusted professional photographers are everywhere—and they all love food as much as we do!

For a company like Deliveroo, which is constantly growing and acquiring more partners, they needed to find a photography company that grows fast and wide along with them to adapt to their international needs.


Our work in the UK was only the beginning. In less than a year, following both findr and Deliveroo’s exponential growths, our own professional relationship has reached incredible levels.

We now organise shoots for Deliveroo’s partner restaurants over 12 different countries—that’s over 1,000 shoots a month and around 10,000 pictures delivered within 48h after a shoot! Our network of fantastic, talented photographers has also grown through this, and Deliveroo now work with around 500 of our photographers.


With an objective to consider a client’s every need and to maintain strong relationships with our photographers, findr is every day coming up with more tools to keep everyone happy. And we love a challenge—so why not sign up to work with us?

Whether you’re a photographer looking for more work or a company or individual needing on-demand photography, you can find more information on our website or email Alex at

Header picture: © Studio 3

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