Nature Photography Day!

Happy Nature Photography Day!

Here, at findr, we love everything related to nature. Whether it be a cheeky Sunday walk in the Scottish Highlands, a road trip through the Canadian Rockies, or a hike from one end of the country to the other, we’ve got all the experiences covered.

And it seems like our photographers do too! They constantly bless us with their amazing photographs taken during their trips abroad or local getaways. We’re talking eerie forests, foggy mountains, endless fields, sandy beaches, and even wildlife and plants!

So to celebrate this Nature Photography Day, we’ve compiled a few of our photographers’ nature pictures. This list is in no way exhaustive as there is way too much talent for us to gather it all in one blog post, so go check out our other photographers and their work on!


Luc Buthker
© Luc Buthker
Rémi Pichard
© Rémi Pichard
© Zigaradsel
Petre Smith
© Petre Smith
Thomas Thomas
© Thomas Thomas Photography
© LisaCreative
Invaders LTD
© Invaders LTD
© Visart

Header picture: ©Alex Hewitt

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