Colours of Findr #1 – Fiery Red

Last week, we celebrated the end of Spring with a fiery red series of photographs taken by five of our amazing, talented photographers. They deserve some more credit for the fantastic work they do both for findr and for their own brands, so we’ve compiled them all in this post along with the stories behind their featured photographs.

We hope you enjoy these as much as we did, and find some inspiration in looking at these works!

Monday – Christopher Espinosa Fernandez

Christopher Fernandez Photography

As this is an editorial shot taken in London, Christopher believes it to not have much of a story. But we think that, sometimes, the emotion you get from a photograph is enough of a story to fill in the blanks.

Tuesday – Mathias Paltrié


“It was while on a walk during my trip to San Francisco that I came across this building showcasing the emblematic 20th century architecture. This façade of red bricks, along with the famous fire escapes, encouraged me to take this picture in the most symmetrical way possible in order to highlight the Gregorian style and the Palladianism, which are architectural styles that focus on axial symmetry.”

Wednesday – Rory Silvestri 

Rossela Silvestri

“I used to live in London and the night before I was about to leave it with my boyfriend, I shot the photo in one of the most magic locations ever, Soho. I miss London so much and every time I look at this photo it reminds me of one of the craziest and most unique experiences of my life. “

Thursday – Yo Fauzan


“I took this photograph a few years ago, during a Mass on Christmas Eve in Banda Aceh, Indonesia.”

Friday – Paloma Fernandez

Paloma Fernandez

Paloma created this shot as part of an editorial series for Schön Magazine titled “Tribute to Penelope”. About the shoot, Schön wrote that Paloma’s work, here, “captures an indian summer on camera as sun-kissed Olya K. draws us outdoors to a vision of periphery.”


Our next Colours of Findr series will focus on the colour pink, so use the hashtag #coloursoffindr to tag your pink pictures on Instagram and we might just add your work to our series!


Header picture: Elti Meshau

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