Competition results!

Thank you to everyone who submitted their pictures to our competition! We were looking for beautiful, engaging art to put on our brand new business cards, and that’s exactly what our amazing community provided.

The decision was hard to make, but we eventually managed to pick our favourite two pictures — which are now on their way to the printer’s to be featured on the back of our business cards!

That being said, we thought we should also mention our runners-up, because we were shown some incredible work and think it deserves to be shared with you all. So take a look at these fantastic pictures, check out the photographers’ work, and tell us which one your favourite is!


  1. Greg Kociuga, Dublin


“This photograph was taken in February 2012. A long time ago but it is still one of my favourites. There was a heavy fog in Howth which is pretty rare. So I grabbed my camera and went to take some shots on the pier. I was on my own except for that lady who was walking her dogs. So we said ‘good morning’ and after she walked away I took a couple of shots. This is one of them.

It is a pity I never met her again so I could give her a nice moody printed photograph.”

 2. Elio Ruscetta, Barcelona

gloves full resolution

“The picture was taken in my studio and the set design was made by myself. The project is a collaboration done with a bartender and we were looking to shoot some drinks in a minimal environment.”


1. Ervis Theodhori, Dubai


2. Noemi Scavo, London


3. Chris Watt, Edinburgh



We’ll have more competitions and events coming up, so stay tuned for more opportunities!


Header picture: Ivana Cajina

All pictures featured are copyright protected. Do not use these photographs without permission from the creators.

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