Photographer profile #1 – Ervis Theodhori

We’re proud to feature Dubai-based photographer Ervis Theodhori in our first ever photographer profile! He took the time to answer our questions, and we’re excited to share his thoughts and work with you all.

If you were to define your work in three words, what would they be?

Creativity. Colourful. Conceptual.

Show us your favourite photograph you’ve ever taken.


In your opinion, what’s the best thing about being a photographer?

The best thing about being a photographer for me is having always your brain “on”. Looking for opportunities to create small pieces of art, creating images that will be a part of your history and will explain your stories.

What’s your favourite place in your city to take pictures?

My favourite place to create is Dubai’s desert. Here are some of my favourite pictures I’ve taken there:

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All pictures featured are copyright Ervis Theodhori. Do not use these photographs without permission from the creator.

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